Nuclear Disaster Information Center

It links the past to the present,and the present to the future

We have founded this “Center” in the hope that many people would take an interest in the nuclear disaster in Fukushima and have a right and scientific understanding of it.

Prospectus of Nuclear Disaster Information Center

The Great East Japan Earthquake which occurredJapanese soil and the Pacific ocean (mainly the Tohoku region and the Kanto region). This has caused an unprecedented environmental destruction which could be called “disaster” and has generated forced evacuation, health hazards by radiation exposure and many nuclear accident-related death including suicides due to a loss of base for living and hope for life. Moreover, lives of so many people have been thrown into disorder by serious damage to various industries, forced evacuation, voluntary evacuation and so on.

NAIIC (The National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission, established on December 8, 2011) has concluded in their report that “It (Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident) was a profoundly manmade disaster”.

For sure, the Great East Japan Earthquake triggered the nuclear accident, but it has been thought that the nuclear accident would have to happen someday. If the cause of the accident is not uncovered, the same accident may happen again, and also aid for the disaster victims will not go smoothly. So even if it takes too much time to explain the accident, scientific investigation of the cause of the accident is absolutely essential. On the one hand, toward the end of the accident, it takes a mind-boggling time to staunch leak of radioactive substances, to cool and collect nuclear fuel, to scrap nuclear facilities contaminated by radioactivity, and to dispose and store radioactive wastes. However, we can’t entrust these works only to the government and TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) as parties concerned.

To this environmental destruction which is going on with “the present” progressive form, we are responsible for confronting it, remembering and recording it, and linking it to “the future”.

We must learn from the truly regrettable and serious accident and entrust the cause unfolding and the end of this accident to the next generation and the more advanced generation with deep regret. Nuclear Disaster Information Center has been established with the aim of keeping the memory of the disaster from fading by the power of the citizens. Your support and cooperation are greatly appreciated.